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Here’s our range of solar PV modules – all MCS accredited, and specially selected to offer the right mix of quality, power yield and price.



Renesola modules

These Renesola PV modules are an excellent choice for a reliable, lower-cost panel.  These modules are manufactured in China under strict ISO9001:2008 quality controls.  Now an international company, Renesola was established in China in 2005, and has a strong history of growth and product development, winning numerous awards for its manufacturing and innovation.

Renesola provides a 10-year materials and workmanship guarantee.  Furthermore, Renesola modules come with a 90% power-output guarantee for the first 10 years, with 80% power-output guaranteed for 25 years.


Renesola 245W polycrystalline


The Renesola 245W has 60 polycrystalline cells. 

The power tolerance is -0/+5W

The overall size of each is 1640 x 992mm, by 40mm thick, with a weight of 20kg.

More information:

Datasheet – Renesola 245W polycrystalline

Renesola company film


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Hareon modules

Hareon was established in 2004 and quickly became one of the biggest manufacturers of silicium wafers. The company produces everything in house: from raw material to finished solar modules. This offers you as a customer, the best quality warranty and service. With their unique power output warranty of 90% after 12 years, Hareon is really a top class company.  


  • Type module: Polycristaline
  • Output 245 Wp
  • Product warranty: 10 years
  • Cell tolerance 0/ +5
  • Power output warranty of 90% after 12 years, 80% after 25 years
  • EL-test dubbele inspection, for and after lamination
  • Dimensions 1662 x 1000 x 40 mm
  • Weight 19,7 kg

    More information:

    Download the datasheet

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    JA Modules

    JA Solar is a very large producer of solar cells and high efficient solar modules. The company adopts very high quality demands. Each panel is subject to a double EL test. This can be compared with an X-ray of the module. JA Solar was the first company awarded with the 'Green leaf' label of Intertek. THE proof that their solar panels are tested by an independent organisation and comply with multiple environmental conditions.   

    More info over JA Solar

    JA Solar 250M black



  • Type module: 100% black module (black backsheet and frame)
  • Output = 260 Wp (! Flash tests show output is minimum 260Wp)
  • Product warranty: 10 years
  • Cell tolerance 0/+ 5
  • Power output warranty: unique lineair output
  • EL-test 2 x (before and after lamination)
  • Dimensions 1650 x 991 x 40 mm
  • Weight 18,5 kg

    More information:

    Download the datasheet


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    12 June 13

    Uk crowned Europe's largest utility-scale solar market in 2013


    New figures published by Wiki-Solar reveal that the UK is Europe's strongest market for large-scale solar installations.

    12 June 13


    Very soon the most important pv-fair of Europe will open! A lot of you will be there and we are looking forward to meeting you

    12 June 13


    The anti-dumping tax on the Chinese modules is a fact.