Solar thermal systems

Another profitable and ingenious way to make use of the sunlight is through a solar thermal system. With the solar thermal system, you can enjoy sanitary hot water for your bath, shower, kitchen,etc. from the power of sunlight alone.
By heating water using solar panels, you will be less dependent on fossil or other types of fuel, and that's good for both the environment and your budget!

Components of a Solar thermal system include:


12 June 13

Uk crowned Europe's largest utility-scale solar market in 2013


New figures published by Wiki-Solar reveal that the UK is Europe's strongest market for large-scale solar installations.

12 June 13


Very soon the most important pv-fair of Europe will open! A lot of you will be there and we are looking forward to meeting you

12 June 13


The anti-dumping tax on the Chinese modules is a fact.